What Happened to the Year? 2015 almost gone.

Long time…no posts.  I’m admittedly addicted to Facebook.  It’s just easier. So this will be a recap of the current year and hopefully with new laptop in hand, apps and more knowledge in how to get the most out of Word Press… I’ll make it a goal to be more active on this blog page.

2015 in short:  Winter was HORRID.  The coldest on record.  The previous record was last year.  Two years in a row we suffered under the “Winter VORTEX”, a coin word for the extreme weather patterns that gives us a glimps at the future of global warming.   I finely was able to convince my husband to run to a warmer climate in March, after taking him to Colorado for the month of August…we’ve both been freezing our backsides off for about a year.    We scored a small cabin in an RV park on Mustang Island, on the Golf Coast of Texas.   Now there’s lots to talk about when it comes to Texas, but suffice it to say that we’re liberal minded…and Texas is of the opposite extreme.   A tad uncomfortable but if one learns to avoid all political type topics, one can get by.  ie… talk about beer and you’ll survive.  Now this place is rather cool in that I could fly fish for salt water species in the estuarial flats…that is until day three when I slipped in the mud flats and totalled my rotator cuff.  My knees were already causing me grief.  This wasn’t what I had planned for.  That left bird watching for the rest of the month.  It worked out.  I have lots of nice photos.




I have to admit that it was nice to be sitting in T-shirts while watching the sub zero temps in my home town.   We’re in for three months, starting Jan 1.  Here’s to the perfect winter…. White Christmas then bye bye snow and ice.  Yeehaaa.   Official Winter Texans.  

So back home end of April, the process began to get this horrid shoulder repaired.  I started with Physio to see is that would get me anywhere, while I waited for the appointments with a surgeon, ultra sounds and the MRI results.  The tear was “massive” which I could live with if I was happy with my current mobility and could deal with that level of pain for the rest of my life…OR I could take a chance and see if they could give me something back.  I opted for the surgery.  That occurred  in July, pretty much wiping out the summer.  I’m now out of the sling and back in the car.  I can drive myself to Physio.  Yippy!  Now the long process of getting the shoulder moving again and building up strength.  I’m told to expect it to be 12-18 months before I’ll be where I’ll be.    So that was pretty much the year with a couple of fishing trips up to Grayling Michigan in the mix. 


To be continued…


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