Catching up!

I’ve been lax with my updates on this ‘blog’.  I’ll blame Facebook.  I’ve been on it  since it was made public, however I RARELY used it until a couple of years ago when I found myself inundated with mail that needed to be answered and at the time only having one usable hand at the time to type with.  So, was my real emergence into the world  of Facebookia.   Since then, I’ve pretty much ignored this corner of my cyber world.   I think it’s time to rectify that, however I will warn you, this is now the end of March.  After a very long winter, or so it seems, once the waters around here are fishable, I’ll again be out there and not in here. (and back in FB because it’s so quick).   

What can I say?  It’s been a loooooooooooong winter.  I worked on the kitchen.  New counter, sink and lighting so far….


…pot lights over the sink, paper, paint and floors next.

I tied a few flies.  Nothing earth shattering.  I focused on getting a full batch of mouse flies ready for this year.   I’ve tried a lot of mouse patterns, but non have the ability to outdo this puppy. 


Not the prettiest fly out there  but it does exactly what I want it to do.  It’s about catching fish…not fishermen.  Similar to the Rainy’s Cheeky Mouse (or the original ? Shpinev Minkey Mouse), but I was always fond of the Morrish Mouse style tail. Don’t ask me why.   The foam here was just what was laying around my house at the time. Foam color in this case really doesn’t matter, but you can use black, white, brown or gray without putting the fish off.  Add a little glow in the dark paint on the top of the foam back if you like keeping an eye on the fly on those moonless nights.   

Other than tying up flies for the next season, I’ve been hiking the woods and riverside when I can.  Winter is pretty quiet but the first vestiges of spring are showing themselves.

The first hatch of the season.

These you may hear before you see them or you may just not see them at all.    Tundra Swans moving north.

Owls start nesting mid winter and I haven’t located a nest close enough to keep tabs of, but eagle season is now upon us. This is the bald eagle aerie near my home.

(Nest is located in the center white pine below the tuft at the top.)

This year seems quite promising.  They’ve been on the nest for a few weeks now.  There is now a lot more activity.  My guess is that the eggs should be hatching any day.  I watched the changing of the guard and no food came with the change over so I’m guessing the eaglets haven’t hatched yet.

Giving me the once over.   

On guard!

Juvenile eagle swooping down into dangerous territory.

Getting ready for changing of the guard.  Eagles mate for life. They share nest duties equally.  It’s also difficult to know which is the male and which is the female, especially at the distance I am from them.

Changing of the guard.

This ones turn to fly, feed and preen.

Enjoy the video.

I’ll try to keep you filled in as the family progresses.

More images from my favourite piece of local bush along the Thames River, London, ON. (click them for larger views)

Eastern Coyote tracks (coyote wolf hybrid)

So until next time…


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