The Raccoon

I came home yesterday afternoon to a rather strange site.

A raccoon sleeping on my roof.  



I didn’t get a good feeling from this and thought there was something wrong with the critter.   I called animal control / rescue…and was assured that it probably was not rabid.  It was thought that it was just over heated, found a cool spot and was napping.  I was told they do this sometimes and it would leave at nightfall.  I wasn’t so sure, but was willing to wait as they suggested.   As evening approached, the raccoon was becoming a bit more active but still, it didn’t seem right. 

….then I saw the reason…


… that had to hurt.

I called animal control again.  Since it was injured, they would come out.   I showed the officer this photo and he agreed that the poor thing was in a bad way.  Sadly, the rescue attempt failed when the racoon bolted for a higher perch on the roof. (AR isn’t allowed to go up after them).  It moved off the roof late in the evening.  I have not seen it since.   I hope it didn’t move into the chimney. (we had one in there over the winter)  I’m sure I’ll know if it did, in a few days.   


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