No Eaglets this year….

In my previous post back in March, I posted a photo I took of a local Eagle nest.  I was exited because I caught a glimpse of an eagle sitting on eggs at the time.  

Sadly, I have to report, that after many weeks of watching this particular nest, I believe that the nesting was unsuccessful.  The eagles are still in the area, as I do see them fly over from time to time, but I have not seen any activity of late on the nest itself.   The eaglets should be quite large visible at this point.    I don’t know what happened to them, however I have seen a Red Tail Hawk hanging around close to the nesting site for many weeks now.   I suspect it may have had something to do with it, or maybe a racoon or a Great Horned Owl was the culprit.  


UPDATE! Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong. They must have been good at hiding because this is what happened after I gave up nest watching.


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