Mark of the Grizzly

‘Mark of the Grizzly’ update includes new science, maulings …and the night at Soda Butte story among others.


Mark of the Grizzly, 2nd: Revised and Updated with More Stories of Recent Bear Attacks and the Hard Lessons Learned
Author : Scott McMillion
Published : 2011-11-08
Amazon Price : $11.52



"Somebody gets nailed in grizzly country every year. Almost always, they survive these attacks by animals that can take down a bull elk or an Angus steer, though the injuries can be gruesome. This more than anything refutes the myth that grizzlies are man hunters that lust for human flesh. If they wanted to kill us, they would do it in short order. But their power, their capacity for ferocity, is also what makes them so compelling."

– Scott McMillion, "Mark of the Grizzly"   Read More

From the


Mark of the Grizzly

Bear attacks horrify us, and yet they also, in a morbid way, fascinate many. They’re evidence that even in today’s modern world tragic confrontations with nature do occur and, in the case of bears, demonstrate that man is not always the apex predator.

This past summer, for the first time to the best of park officials’ knowledge, there were two fatal maulings of hikers in Yellowstone National Park by grizzly bears. They followed a year, 2010, in which there were two other fatal maulings just outside Yellowstone’s boundaries.  Read More


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