3 Months later, I’m still seeing articles and videos I haven’t seen before.  I found this one a couple of days ago.


“This interview with bear attack survivor Deb Freele is pretty amazing. Whatever feelings of voyeurism or rubber-necking you have at the beginning swiftly evaporate as she recounts the mauling and what she did to stay alive and talks about one of the other victims, and even expresses sympathy for the bear. If I were 1% as brave and level-headed as this woman I would think of myself as a successful human being. I wish her a speedy recovery.”

As for how things are coming along, I’m doing great.  They recently given me the boot from the Hand & Upper Limb Clinic at St. Josephs Hospital.  I just have to work on increasing my range of motion just a little more and strength exercises, which I can do on my own.   The splint I now wear stays in play for a few more months, because although the bone is healing, it’s not completely healed.  It’s just a minor inconvenience.  My only fear these days?  Falling.  Oddly enough, I don’t have nightmares, just trouble falling asleep. If I recall…that wasn’t totally new either.

The really good news is that I am now out pursuing my favorite activities.   It’s now fall, and with that comes falling leaves, colder water, gray sky, rain and steelhead.  I got out last week with a friend from the local fly fishing club.  My first steelhead of the season!

Just one reason to be out in the bush this time of year.  It’s beautiful.

The leaves are all gone now and snow is just around the corner.  That also means it’s deer hunting season.  I heard several close shots while fishing last Friday.  I realized that I should have had on my blaze orange.

Until next time,  let it rain!!!


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