Long Rods and the Canadian Youth Fly Fishing Team

There is a growing interest out there for LONG fly rods.  Spey Rods, Switch Rods and now rods designed for Czech (Polish) Nymphing techniques.  If you keep up with fly fishing at all, you will know that the Czechs blew the rest of world out of the water at the World Fly Fishing Championships with this technique.  

There is a small rod company that started up in New Hampshire in 2004, that got together with Ian James to create a Czech Nymph rod for the Canadian Youth Fly Fishing Team for the World Youth Fly Fishing Competition in Czechoslovakia this June. They now offer it for sale.  I’ve had a look at it. I get to test it out when I’m back in June. This is that rod: http://www.greatbayrods.com/EMG%20SERIES.html
The best part…it’s made in the good ol’ USA…and they are affordable. The two things that made America GREAT.  Remember?

Ian is the fellow that taught me how to fly fish, and I know a couple of the young men on the youth team.  Great bunch of boys…and this is a great company. It’s nice to see a US company help out some boys here in Canada. Canadians have a tough go, trying to gather support for any athletic teams, but especially fly fishing. These kids save to go to these events, out of pocket. They also pay for their own training and all of their gear, unless someone steps up, like Ian and Great Bay. There really are no Canadian based companies, to support them and the US companies support the US teams. So my hats go off to Great Bay Fly Rods and Ian James (coach), for doing this for our (Canada’s) youth team.    http://www3.sympatico.ca/ianjames/czechnymph.html





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