Stark Contrast

This is usually my favorite time of year to be out fishing.  This is usually when you can play with the big boys.  Silver bullets.  Salmon and Steelhead.  It’s 8 weight fly rod time.  So why am I sitting here looking out the window and tying flies?
This is also the driest year in my memory.  The local tributaries have all suffered, to the point that they are unfishable…or should I say, morally unfishable.  Unfortunately there are a few loogans who still go for the easy pickings.  That isn’t fishing.  
I can’t lay claim to all of the photos in this post.    

Maitland River below 21 Bridge Oct O7


You usually don’t see the rocks at all, this time of year and the water there is thigh to chest deep. 

Below is the Nine Mile River @ Port Albert October 07


Last year it looked like this:

Sadly, this  is happening everywhere is Southern Ontario. 

The unseasonably warm weather looks like it might now be behind us, but the rains are still light to none.  The water table is down so far that I fear the rivers may not recover on time for this years fall – spring run.  

Here I sit, tying flies…dreaming of the day the fish might be able to return to the rivers.   


One comment on “Stark Contrast

  1. Mark says:

    Wow, I just saw these photos.  I drifted the Maitland last spring in early May.  It fished not too bad.  However, I will say this, as low as the water was for 2007, it looks better than the picture for 2006.  Was that opening day?  That\’s crazy!

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