It’s HOT out and a treat for the fly tier!!

It’s been hot out. Record breaking hot out.  Add to that our dreaded Great Lakes Region Humidity and it’s beginning to make Australian summers appealing.  It’s been so hot, I don’t even want to go fishing. Now that’s getting ugly!! 
Add to that a seperated clavical and it starts to add up to a crappy July/Aug.     It’s slowed me down a lot. 
I’ve been working on that paint job for the last few weeks.  It took me a while to settle on color.   I finally got one we could all agree to.  It’s a sponge glaze.   Creamy white with a yellowish tint …it’s called Whicker Basket (Ralph Loren) with Walnut Glaze (sponged on).   It looks like Parchment now that it’s done.  It really sets off the pictures and other touches.   I ripped out all of the molding and put in new molding.  It is a typical Victorian look now.  The molding is painted Cottage Green. (Ralph Loren)  I still have some electical upgrading and some plaster repair I have to get at but the whole thing is shaping up nicely. 
I’ll throw on a photo or three when the new digital camera arrives. 
This entry’s treat is for the fly tier.  You’ll LOVE this!! 
This is a link to the Washinton State University Public Television network page.  From here you can download  "Fly Tying, the Anglers Art" program series.  It is an online gold mine for the fly tier or anyone interested in giving fly tying a try.
It is best if you have a high speed connection, otherwise plan on DLing the shows while you sleep.   You will need to DL their P2P program first.  This will be offered automaticly when you click on your first show to DL.   It’s easy and it’s safe. 
Each show is 30 minutes in length and there are 50 shows so  that will give you a lot of viewing over the long winter.   You will love them. 

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