Love those Fly Fish Podcasts…here is a new one!!!

I feel like I’m neglecting the blog, but I’ve been busy.  New windows in two rooms and now doing the prep work for a paint job.   The hardest part, next to the prep…is picking the colors.    

I took a few days off and when fishing on the Grand River (Ontario) for browns and can say I did pretty darn well.   I still haven’t broken through that 20 inch marker but I’m getting closer.  I did get several fish in the over 16 inch catagory with one being 19 inches.   The frustrating part was that one of the kids "borrowed" my camera without asking so I did not have it along this time.  Too bad too.   I had some pretty good photo ops.    It was also the Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships that weekend.  

I found another great NEW site and this one is a Fly Fishing Podcast.  Great listing while at the computer or if you are lucky enough to have an Ipod you can download the braodcast for listening anywhere you want.    The future lineup of guests looks very exiting.

Let them know what you think and tell them you heard about it from me!!  


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