Winter is over! Bring on the fish!!

The long silence is finally broken.  It’s trout season now so I don’t get to this space very often. 
The season started slow but it’s picking up now. 
My first outing was on May 2,  a beauty of a float trip down the Maitland River, a tributary on the eastern shoreline of Lake Huron  (Ontario Canada).  I did this trip on the same river last year at this time but we chose to do a different section of water.  This year was not as lucky but it was still a wonderful day.  The spring came early this year, to this part of the country, causeing the river to warm more quickly than usual AND we had no rain in the month previous to the float so the water was very low and gin clear.  Put this all together and a good steelhead outing it does not make.   
Our trip was with Flyf Fitters giude, Mike Vehouf.  ( This guy really knows his stuff and he works his butt off to give you a trip to remember.   He’s also relaxed and very friendly.  You feel like you’ve known him forever.  The scenery is just breathtaking on this river.  You would have no idea you were in Southern Ontario if someone just dropped you in there.  This feels like a Western river all the way.  It sports a good run of spring and fall steelhead and in the warmer months you will find monster size smallmouth bass fishing at it’s finest. 
Along on the trip was my friend Jeanette.  This trip is a bonus for anyone who has difficulties with mobility.  It gets you into places no one can’t  walk to and it gives oppertunities to those who can’t make the climb down steep rocky riverbanks, to access the best spots on the river.
I didn’t get the trophy photo this trip but I did get a lot of locations stamped into my GPS so I can revisit the most interesting spots when the salmon and steelhead start there fall run.  I can’t wait. 
Thanks Mike, for literally dragging us around on this great river.
Remember:  Don’t catch your limit…Limit your catch. 

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