I finely finished that 9ft. 4wt. fly rod.   I had the blank for over a year…just
staring at it. I worked up the nerve to take a stab at it and after
more months of gathering parts, reading and putzing around making tools
I muddled along and completed it today.
Being my first rod, it was
a learning experience. I made a few booboos, but that comes with the
learning. It was going OK yesterday morning after I applied the epoxy…or
so I thought. After giving it a final going over and popping the odd
bubble that showed up, I went off to the pond for an afternoon of
freezing and playing with wind knots. …and OOPS!! a BIG bass, but we won’t say too much about that. It’s off season up here in Ontario. No worries!  It went back, lickety split. 

When I returned I found
a big bubble smack dab in the middle of my feather inlay. The bad part
was that it was too late to do anything about it (I think ???). I
popped it hoping that the epoxy would flow in and fill it but it was
already set. Dang it. (what I really said was unprintable)

Oh well. There are a few things I will do differently next time but I
have a rod that looks not too bad and it’s certainly functional. I hope
to test her out this week.

Today I hope to give it a real test drive!  

OHHH!!!!  Speaking about test drives.  The NEW wheels arrived on Friday.  A fully decked out Buick Rendezvues.   I LOVE IT!!!   

Off to phsyio…  I can cast my fly rod, without pain, again!!  WOO HOO!!  Why did I wait so long to get it looked after! 


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