AAAIIIIIEEEEEEEE!   (think of that SUV commercial and you’ll get it  )
 The fly rod is now 90% finished.  I took it out for a few casts yesterday and she’s great!!  I’ve given it a name.    "Dream Catcher"   by Spirit Bear Fly Rods (tm pending).     Catchy, eh!   
The wrappings were an interesting experience.  Razers are not your best friend.  
I’m practicing on an old broken rod, my wraps and setting feathers for the custom inlay.  I have to wait until the 18th to pick up the JC feathers.  Until then I’ll refrain from doing the epoxy job….or maybe I can get the guides all done then just repeat the process for the inlay and signature.  hmmmmm….it’s so hard waiting.  I don’t really have to finish this for several weeks yet.  
So maybe I should put this away again and get back to the fly tying.   
The sun is out and it looks like a good day for a long walk and some Geocaching.  If you don’t know what that is, I’ll post the site.   EVERYTHING you need to know is on this site.
It’s a game or sport,  or rather an activity where you use a GPS to hunt and find caches other players have hidden.  It’s something to do and it gets you out hiking on days like this! 
So the day is a wastin’….. I’m out of here!! 

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