Back to the rod and some good info on eye care.

Well today I decided to get back to the fly rod I’m building.  It’s been a slow process but I can tell that future rods won’t take long at all.   The only reason it’s taking me so long is the gathering of supplies.   Part of the adventure is to also build the tools needed to build the rod.  Now you COULD just get a cardboard box, a cup and some books to put the rod together but I wanted to take it a step further and build my own rod wrapper and drier.  So that required scraps of wood, bolts, springs, washers, spacers, a motor and other assorted bits and pieces.   I have that all put together now.   Rod parts were collected here and there.  They were gathered from eBay, some from Jays, some from other rod crafter sites on the web.   I have almost everything now, except for some info coming in the mail about feather inlays and a Jungle Cock cape that is on it’s way to my mothers place.  (Border issues) Shsssss!


So I got to wrapping the ferrules and the rod tip after a little practice on a piece of old broken rod.  I thought I did a GREAT job with my ferrules….then when I was burnishing the threads one of the threads slipped off the end.     I had to undo the whole thing and start over.  Oh well! it’s good practice.  Tomorrow I’ll test cast the rod to make sure the guides are where I want them, then I’ll finish wrapping the guides in place.  I could probably have the whole thing done tonight but I have to wait for those Jungle Cock feathers before I can epoxy the finished guides, so  no point in rushing.  I have lots of time.  It looks like winter and ice will be around for a few weeks at least. 


Now, here is a little Educational Video for anyone who fishes or lets there kids go fishing.  It very graphically demonstrates why you should ALWAYS wear glasses or some form of eye protection when ever you pick up a fly rod.  Be warned  !  This is disturbing.






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