My Tying Bench

It gets pretty boring over the winter for a trout bum…or should that read Carp Bum.
When the water gets stiff, the roads are covered with snow and it’s just too ugly to go outside, I’ll cozy up to the bench and tie up what I’ll hope will be next season’s miracle fly. I often get asked about my "bench". My dream bench would be an old roll top in a big old room, decked out like a log cabin. NO such luck. Those are hard to come by on a shoe string budget. It’s also hard to store and set up things the way you would like, unless you had your very own room. Well I won’t have a chance at that until my kids have fully fledged. I stopped cooking with cheese months ago and they are still here. (a joke only Canadian TV viewers would understand)
Canadian winters are also too cold to be able to set up a table in the nearly un-insolated add on room unless you like tying with full winter outdoor wear. BRRRR! Besides, with two computers in there and five people fighting over who’s turn it is next…there just isn’t any room for a tying bench. WHEW!!
So in this tiny little house that I had hoped to leave behind twenty years ago, I’ve set up my tying bench in the living room. I can keep warm, watch TV, answer the phone, keep tabs of the other inhabitance and watch the stove, all from the same space…and I have a window view of the main door and mail box, so NOTHING gets by me. I have also set up my laptop on the desk so it’s ALL here. Now if I could only upgrade my chair to something more comfortable than this old oak press back….like one of those office chairs with magic finger massage!!
Anyway, I get asked, from time to time about what my set up looks like. So here it is. It’s simple and low in cost. IKEA is where I picked up the drawers. I still want to stain them and maybe add some brass file plates to dress it up a little but that will come later.

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