First Test Entry so don’t waist your time!

This is a test entry, just to get a feel for what I can do in a blog.   The main theme for this site, as you will find out, will be fly fishing related.  I’m currently building my first fly rod which seems to be taking ages.  It’s not the actually building that is taking so long, but the accumulation of needed tools to assist in the project.  Once I have these things all assembled, the rod building will be a snap.    I’ve go some lumber to cut up and some wiring to do, so while it’s snowing and blowing out, I’ll get out of here and get to that.  I need to have all my rods done and repeared within the next couple of weeks, if I don’t want to get caught up short.   
If you are here because you like fly fishing then here is a site I stumbled on that will make those long winter days, or long drives in the car (if you have an MP3 Player)  go by faster.
Now to add a photo….
Make sure you check out the other Photo albums in the Photo window.  Just click that arrow and you’ll get a drop down window. 

One comment on “First Test Entry so don’t waist your time!

  1. Virginia says:

    Nice job, Deb!  🙂

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